No more ums’ and uhs’

We’ve recorded a lot of different characters over the years.  Whether you need an announcer, an instructor or a cartoon character we pull from the greatest voice talents in the world.  Click the links below to hear a few examples :

  1. IMAGE : Professional Appearance 0:39
  2. Expert Witness Learning Objectives (online course) 0:35
  3. Voice Over Samples (various) 0:50



Listen up!

Whether it’s a book, an instructional course, a teleconference or an interactive product we know you need your audio to be enjoyable and not create ear fatigue.  We’ll find the best voice overs and characters, add music or sound effects, mix, master and deliver your organized and meta-tagged audio assets in the format of your choice.

  1. GESTICULATOR! (animated show) 1:39
  2. Workin' To Play (Alaxy Galaxy - development) 1:11
  3. Accident Testimony 0:21



The impact of your track

Sometimes it just needs to sound a lot better…. that’s where we come in!  Have a noisy recording or one that’s just hard to listen to?  Don’t lose your audience to ear fatigue!  We will make sure your audio content stands out by eliminating painful frequencies and droning tones.   We won’t let anything get in the way of your message.