She sifts into the sieve of sifted thistles because she is a thistle sifter.

Our pledge: We will opt to use the production audio whenever possible.  Whatever the reason, recording ADR so it can blend with the production audio is imperative.  And for all those extras who were instructed not to speak in the background, we can provide loop groups to fill in all of that indiscernible background noise and chatter.





Sophisticated sound design has become a demand of today’s sophisticated audiences.  Lunazen provides expert sound effects uniquely designed, created, enhanced, distorted and manipulated in whatever way necessary for your production.  These are the sounds everybody hears and feels!





Foley. It’s not just for footsteps anymore.  So whether your main character is hit over the head with a glass bottle or gets stuck between two giant oily balloons or falls over backward into trash cans because that scary junkyard dog is licking his slobbery chops… you want your audience to stay in the moment.