Music Services


At Lunazen, we LOVE making music!  It’s what started everything we do.  The music and sounds that really move people, that stimulate and inspire audiences are written specifically with an intention for a production.  Click the links below to see examples of what we mean.



That’s great!  One more time.

Jon Griffin has been producing music with bands, artists, record labels and entertainment companies for over 20 years.  Jon knows every trick in the book for tweaking a sound but believes the best recordings start with captivating performances.  Jon can help make the subtle or bold melodic, harmonic and rhythmic choices.  To hear a few examples click the links below.  

To hear more, click here to visit our Artist Gallery.



The mighty bag of tricks

You want your mixes to bump, bounce, swing, croon, wail and whisper.  Whether you have recorded your project at Lunazen, in your own studio or anywhere else, we can help you get the most out of your recordings.  To hear a few examples click the links below.



Across the Universe

Need some music or sound effect and need it fast!  We have an extensive library of source music and sound effects and can make licensing easy.  Whatever your production needs give us a call.  Let’s see what we can make happen today.  CONTACT