Voice Over rates

Greetings fellow stargazers!

Well, it’s been many a moon since we’ve changed our rates, and we’d like to thank you and your creative vision for literally giving us the opportunity to be of service.

As of July 1st, 2018, we will be raising our voice over rates. This action is not without careful consideration for you, our valued customers; for our fabulously talented team; and for the inevitable rising costs of operations.

Please make note of the following per word rates:

• Minimum $265 per session (typically up to 750 words)
• Under 2500 words, the rate is 35 cents per word
• Under 5000 words, the rate is 34 cents per word
• Under 10,000 words, the rate is 32 cents per word
• Under 20,000 words, the rate is 30 cents per word
• Under 50,000 words, the rate is 28 cents per word

For Audio Books or Projects over 50,000 words, please connect with us via email to discuss pricing and scheduling.

Change is a constant but these rates are here to stay for a good long while!

Thank you for what you bring to the world… let’s create something new!